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Industrial cleaning

Chemical and mechanical cleaning in production, energy and shipbuilding industry in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmental accident emergency response

Interventions in accident situations of water and soil pollution.

Waste management

Collection and treatment of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Anti-Corrosion protection

We design, apply and perform anti-corrosion protection in production, energy and shipbuilding industry.

CCTV inspection and cleaning

Laboratory for testing sewerage and water supply systems.

Chemical production

We produce environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and degreasing.

Anti-Corrosion protection

AEKS Ltd. designs, performs and carry out corrosion protection control in industry, energy and shipbuilding, all types of steel constructions, pressure pipelines in hydroelectric power plants, mechanical and hydromechanical equipment in hydroelectric power plants and thermal power plants and storage tanks for various purposes.
 Anti-Corrosion protection
Anticorrosive protection is carried out for the purpose of protection against corrosion of materials. All steel surfaces, structures and installations that are exposed to atmospheric influences that are in water or in the ground are susceptible to corrosion and, therefore, need protection against harmful corrosion effects during their lifetime. The quality of corrosion protection is influenced by several factors, and the most important is the preparation of the surface and the selection of the appropriate coating system. At your request, we are going to the field, recording the existing state of the corrosion protection system, and, in cooperation with coatings manufacturers, we prescribe a technological procedure for remediation of corrosion protection. In accordance with the prescribed technological procedure, we perform the surface preparation and application of the protective coating system.
Due to the preparation of the surface, we use abrasive cleaning (as an abrasive we use sand, grit, corundum, etc.), preparation by vacuum blasting technology, mechanical preparation of surface (machine and hand tools), preparation of surface by high pressure water jetting UHPWJ in the pressure range from 700 to 2500 bar. The protective coating system is chosen depending on a number of factors, and the most important are the following: atmospheric corrosivity of the environment (rural areas, industrial and urban environment, coastal areas with a certain level of salinity), type of surface to be protected (steel, hot-dip galvanized steel, metallized steel, aluminum or stainless steel), the required durability of the coating system (low, medium or high) and the planning of the coating process (in the construction phase, outside the workspace or at the construction site after the completed construction phase).
During the execution of the works, the control of the parameters relevant for the quality execution of the works is carried out. When preparing the surface, the relative air humidity, the abrasion purity, the degree of roughness of the prepared surface and the visual control (appearance) of the prepared surface are carried out. During application of the coating, control of the relative air humidity, dew point, substrate temperature, control of the thickness of the wet and dry film of individual coatings and coating systems, final examination of the adhesion of the coating system, preparation of the final report and issuance of the certificate on the quality of the implemented protection (warranty period) are carried out.
Considering the protection systems we perform: system of protection of above ground and underground (buried) structures and structures immersed in sweet and salty water:

Protection system resistant to temperature exposures up to 600°C.
Protection system resistant to aggressive atmosphere conditions
Oil and oil derivatives resistant system
Protection system resistant to the action of chemical agents
Protection system in warehousing and production of food products
Conservation of industrial plants at rest

Significant projects:

Reconstruction of hydromechanical equipment of aggregates A and B HE Dubrovnik
Reconstruction of the AKZ coil and diffuser of aggregates A, B, C and D in the TP HE South HE Zakučac
AKZ pressure pipeline HE Golubić
Corrosion protection works of preventive current and corrective maintenance of equipment and devices
Anticorrosive protection - works of preventive current and corrective mechanical maintenance of equipment and devices of the TE Plomin Plant in 2012, 2013 and 2014.
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