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Industrial cleaning

Chemical and mechanical cleaning in production, energy and shipbuilding industry in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmental accident emergency response

Interventions in accident situations of water and soil pollution.

Waste management

Collection and treatment of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Anti-Corrosion protection

We design, apply and perform anti-corrosion protection in production, energy and shipbuilding industry.

CCTV inspection and cleaning

Laboratory for testing sewerage and water supply systems.

Chemical production

We produce environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and degreasing.

Waste management

AEKS d.o.o. is one of the first companies in Croatia that started with the collection and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste production. We provide collection, intervention collection, transportation, storage and final disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, meeting all environmental international standards and professional rules.
The Company owns all the required permits and authorizations issued by the competent authorities:
Permit for hazardous waste management issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature
Permit for the management of non-hazardous waste issued by the Administrative Department for Physical Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the County of Zagreb
Certificate of entry into the register of waste carriers issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature.
Certificate of entry into the register of Waste Management Agents issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature.
Certificate of entry into the register of persons storing their own production waste issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature.
Certificate of entry into the register for the abolition of the status of waste issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Nature.
Collection of waste
We collect all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste using special equipment and appropriate packaging in compliance with all legally prescribed procedures and modern ecological requirements.

Transport of waste is carried out by specialized closed tank trucks equipped with ADR norms and equipped with devices and equipment (vacuum pumps, screw pumps, high pressure pumps up to 300 bar, channel jet system) for collecting liquid and / or sludge waste. For the needs of collecting and transporting powdered waste, we have a special "VACU PRESS" Tank truck equipped with ADR norms.

When receiving waste, it is visually inspected, the amount determined by weighing and the accompanying documentation (accompanying sheets, physicochemical characteristics of waste) is checked, so that the waste can be referred to appropriate disposal or recovery procedures.
Waste treatment
MPO AEKS is an efficient and innovative mobile plant with a wide range of characteristics for processing various types of oily waste:

waste from oil tankers
waste from cleaning process equipment in various industrial plants
waste from oil / water separator
waste from remediation of environmental pollution
waste from "black pits" and waste fluid pits on production oil fields
waste from crude oil tanks on production oil fields
various precipitates, sludges and similar waste from the refinery and petrochemical industry, refinery remnants.
MPO AEKS is a flexible system designed to adapt to continuous changes in properties and composition of input waste. The plant provides high efficiency regardless of the type and composition of the input waste and the various process conditions.
Benefits of the MPO AEKS plant in relation to other available technological processes for processing this type of waste:

the amount of waste destined for thermal treatment and disposal is greatly reduced, which also reduces the costs of waste management
significantly increases the useful part of hydrocarbons
creating a new product using waste that has an economic value
reduces the amount of impurities in recovered hydrocarbons
a significant reduction in transport costs
reduced energy use for waste treatment
reduced load on the environment
design adapted to work at remote locations and all weather conditions
reduced labor costs due to continuous and automatic management
meets all European standards of safety, occupational safety and environmental protection
Bioremediation is a biological method of waste treatment using microorganisms. Microorganisms for their growth and development use carbon from organic compounds that make contamination. In the process of bioremediation of hazardous waste AEKS d.o.o. uses the ex-situ method. Waste from the polluted sites is loaded and transported to the AEKS Waste Management Building. In the AEKS Waste Management Building, hazardous waste is discharged onto the prepared leakproof substrates, after which adequate masses for bioremediation are formed, depending on the type and concentrations of the pollutants. At certain time intervals, the rollover and rupture of the waste is carried out to ventilate to allow sufficient quantities of oxygen to the microorganisms.

Advantages of bioremediation:

A natural process without secondary pollution
Wide range of pollution treatment
A complete degradation of pollutants
It does not cause disturbances of physical, chemical and biological properties of soil or water
Depending on the conditions, it may be carried out as an "in-situ" or "ex-situ method"
Low cost per unit volume compared to other remediation technologies
Economically reasonable and cost-effective
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