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Industrial cleaning

Chemical and mechanical cleaning in production, energy and shipbuilding industry in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmental accident emergency response

Interventions in accident situations of water and soil pollution.

Waste management

Collection and treatment of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Anti-Corrosion protection

We design, apply and perform anti-corrosion protection in production, energy and shipbuilding industry.

CCTV inspection and cleaning

Laboratory for testing sewerage and water supply systems.

Chemical production

We produce environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and degreasing.

Industrial cleaning

Our company has extensive experience in cleaning the storage tanks for crude petroleum, petroleum products, technological waters and similar up to 80,000 m3, dehydrators, horizontal and vertical separators, decanter, mast, neutralization basins, sewage separators, sewage tanks, tank cleaning from hazardous chemicals (acids, alkalis etc.).
Mechanical cleaning
Under mechanical cleaning, removal of deposits and precipitates is carried out by hand or by machine without the use of chemical agents. Storage tanks for various media are cleansed after some time of use due to mechanical impurities, dissolved unwanted substances in primary media, reduced useful volume of storage, changing tanks, flooring or tank walls, heaters, joints, wall condition testing, measuring, anti-corrosion protection etc.
Chemical cleaning
Chemical cleaning is performed in such a way that with certain chemical agents it is used to dissolve, impregnate sludge and impurities and separate them from the basic material. Chemical cleaning can be performed by means of a closed system circulation system, bathing, spraying of chemical agents and manual application of chemical agents to treated surfaces.
Acid treatment for removing deposits present on the inner parts of the pipeline is called passivation. The goal of the passivation phase is to form a protective layer of magnetite on the inner walls of the tube protecting it from oxidation.
Except the pipeline, the company also performs chemical cleaning of steam and boiling water boilers with power from 0 to 400 MW (flue gas and water side), chemical cleaning of tanks, chemical cleaning of stainless steel equipment (AISI 316, 304, DUPLEX etc.) in shipbuilding industry, food industry, etc.
When performing chemical cleaning, special attention is paid to safety at work, environmental protection and fire protection. The non-destructive tools and equipment in the Ex model are used, as well as modern meters of concentrations of flammable gases in the atmosphere. Chemical cleaning is carried out using our own biodegradable degreasing agents, for which we have permitting permits and are environmentally friendly, and high pressure steam cleaners. Waste fluids are sucked with the use of special vacuum tank pumps and are transported to storage, processing and permanent disposal sites. 
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