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Industrial cleaning

Chemical and mechanical cleaning in production, energy and shipbuilding industry in an environmentally friendly way.

Environmental accident emergency response

Interventions in accident situations of water and soil pollution.

Waste management

Collection and treatment of industrial hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Anti-Corrosion protection

We design, apply and perform anti-corrosion protection in production, energy and shipbuilding industry.

CCTV inspection and cleaning

Laboratory for testing sewerage and water supply systems.

Chemical production

We produce environmentally friendly chemicals for cleaning and degreasing.

Chemical production

Regarding the activities it deals with and the ecological commitment, AEKS d.o.o. has adopted the licensed production of biodegradable industrial cleaning and degreasing agents for commercial names SC 131 AEKS and SC 500 AEKS.
The agents are used for the cleaning and degreasing of oil, oil and paraffin pollution in petroleum and petrochemical industry and in energy.
Shipbuilding and other industrial areas where cleaning and degreasing of process equipment (pipelines, columns, various containers, heat exchangers, sheets and steel structures before anticorrosion protection, etc.)
Various concrete and metal surfaces, separators oil / water, etc.
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