iconEmergency interventions

Our company, as professionally and technically competent legal entity, has been selected by the State Administration for Waters, to remove consequences occurring due to accidental water pollution.

We have the ability to act in all weather conditions and possess cutting edge specialised equipment for performing interventional remediation – using ADR-certified tank trucks, ADR-compliant and equipped delivery vehicles, skimmers for collecting hydrocarbons from water surfaces, pipe air plugs for sewage networks, special tools for cleaning sewage networks, PVC and absorption barriers and the like.

We also provide so called “idle facility” services in the event of urgently required interventions for water and environmental protection.

Selected project

Remediation of spilt hydrocarbons, Dapci, INA d.d.

Due to a cracked oil pipeline, the spilt oil reached close-by green areas and paert of the Česma River basin. 

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The incident led to the contamination of 23,579 square meters of terrain. Remediation works took place in the winter period and last 3 months, resulting in the remediation of 1,839,600 kg of contaminated soil. The result of the undertaken works are a clean river and green area which is today used for agricultural purposes.