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We are specialised in all types of chemical and mechanical cleaning of industrial areas, facilities, systems, amenities and equipment.

When performing works on cleaning storage tanks, special attention is given to work safety and fire protection. Anti-explosion designed non-sparking tools and equipment as well as modern meters for measuring concentrations of flammable atmospheric gases are used.

Chemical cleaning is performed by using our own biodegradable chemicals for degreasing that are environmentally friendly.

Our company has extensive experience in cleaning storage tanks used for storing crude oil, oil derivatives, process water and similar substances. We have experience in cleaning a 80,000m3 storage tanks and the latest technology – 12 special suction trucks equipped with high-pressure and vacuum pumps for pumping all types of mediums and high-pressure cleaning works (equipped in compliance with ADR), over 40 high-pressure pumps, including those rated at 2500 bars, 600 bars and 500 bars, as well as over 50 chemical-resistant pumps, more than 40 various types of vehicles, mobile facility for waste treatment equipped with a centrifugal decanter and centrifugal separator. Recently we invested in no-man entry tank cleaning robotic system. We also own 2 vehicles (accredited mobile laboratories) for testing sewage networks equipped with the IBAK system for CCTV scanning.

We also perform chemical cleaning of steam and hot-water boilers rated from 0 to 400 MW (fire-flue and water sides), passivation of stainless steel pipelines and equipment (AISI 316, 304, DUPLEX) in shipbuilding, the food industry and power sector.

Selected project

Chemical and mechanical cleaning of storage tank for Janaf d.d.

In our work for Janaf d.d., we successfully carried out cleaning of crude oil storage tank equipped with a A-1502 floating roof, and a volume of 72,000 cubic metres. 

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Despite the difficult task in difficult winter conditions, the storage tank was finally brought into a gas-free state. Over a period of 50 days, a total of 915 m3 of crude oil was pumped out using specialised suction trucks equipped with ADR-compliant vacuum pumps and 183,000 kilograms of treated waste.