iconSpecial chemical cleanings

Chemical cleaning is the most efficient and economical way to clean process equipment and systems and achieve good performance.

AEKS d.o.o. performs chemical cleanings for all industry needs: Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceuticals, Food&Beverages, Aeronautic, Automotive, Power plants, etc. Additonally, we perform air blowing, steam blowing and pressure testing.



Pre-operational Chemical Cleanings are a part of an industrial plant's startup procedures. This procedure is used to clean systems of any material residue after construction activity. Pre-operational chemical cleanings guarantee that plants will operate smoothly and correctly during startup and operation. Effective chemical cleanings increase a plant's lifespan by preventing future equipment issues.


Maintenance Chemical Cleanings are part of the good maintenance practice in any kind of plants. It seeks to return the system to its intended/initial working state, improving heat exchange rates,  removing the fouling/deposits,  reducing corrosion and  extending plants’ life.

Process technology and maintenance chemical cleaning frequency might change according on the specifications, requirements, and operation history of the system, and must be verified by laboratory tests on tubes collected from the most representative parts of the boiler.


There are fundamentally two kinds of Maintenance Chemical Cleanings:

- Water Side
- Fire Side.



It aims to restore the design operating conditions, to improve heat exchange rates removing the fouling, to reduce corrosion and to extend plants’ life.


- Safe for the equipment and installations
- Minimum Down Time
- Low Cost of Maintenanace
- Environment Friendly


Fire side fouling has a significant negative impact on the operation of the units, creating a highly corrosive and poisonous environment like:

- Loss of Power Production
- Reduced Heat Transfer Rates
- Decreased Efficiency
- Pipeline Corrosion 
- Increased Combustion Chamber Pressure

Selected project

TETO Sisak

In 2015, we performed the project of chemical cleaning and passivation of the water-steam side of boiler-utilizer of Block C in TE-TO Sisak. The following parts of the boiler included: steam condensate heater (SCH), low pressure system (LPS), high pressure system (HPS) and supply tank.

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The surface of the plant had to be cleaned of accumulated impurities: corrosion, weld slag, dust, burns and similar particles which, when separated from the wall, can cause damage to equipment and devices to which the steam produced from the boiler comes.

Impurities were removed using AEKS own equipment and chemicals. By using inhibited acids on such cleaned surfaces, chemically was induced the oxidation of iron on the base material into a passivating layer, which has the function of further protection of the treated surfaces. The boiler was treated in three circulation circuits. The dynamics of chemical cleaning was carried out according to a schedule agreed by both the client and the contractor.

Wastewater from chemical treatment is transferred to a AEKS wastewater treatment plant and treated there to satisfactory environmental parameters. After the completion of the works, the client inspection determined the high quality and corrosion resistance of the initial layer of magnetite, which allowed the boiler to be put into operation.