Wherever nature and industry meet, caution and vigilance are necessary. However, sometimes, despite the best efforts, care and attention, incidents that endanger nature can happen. They are moments lying outside of any control and are dangerous situations that jeopardise the ecological balance harming the environment – and if they are harmful to the environment and nature, they are also harmful for people.

These are the situations which nobody wants and where we come in. Our specialisation is the task of performing chemical and mechanical cleaning and collecting, urgent collection, transport, storage and finally treatment of hazardous and non-hazardous waste in industry, shipbuilding and the power sector, in an environmentally friendly manner. However, our vision extends further than this – our real task and our true job is saving the environment and maintaining the invaluable balance between nature and people.

Our mission is to pre-emptively plan in order maintain a balanced, healthier relationship between man and the environment, while creating a cleaner and greener world for coming generations. Our job is to transpose use – all of use – from black into green. We believe that saving a contaminated environment also saves people, because in the end, what would we do without our environment?


AEKS was founded in Ivanić-Grad, the place which nurtures a tradition in oil refining for almost two centuries and is one of the oldest oil regions in the world. The so called “rock oil” used referring to natural deposits of oil here as well as napththalene, have been known to exist here since long ago.

It is a less known fact that oil from the Moslavina source called “Martin” was pumped much earlier than 1859 which is considered the start of the petroleum industry in the USA. Ivanić is a only one of two places in the world where natural sources of napththalene is found, a medicinal mineral oil with beneficial properties found in the earth.

A wider location after the middle of the last century yielded numerous industrial facilities, hence it was obvious that the company specialising in chemical cleaning of industrial facilities would be founded in this area.

Our values

Engineering precision

Our strength lies in our employees. Special attention is given to developing their skills and know-how where we are continually investing in training and new technologies. We are the only company possessing the necessary know-how and means of providing comprehensive services specialising in cleaning large industrial facilities.

Green and sustainable

Our vision of the future and our efforts are directed to creating a world in which people and nature co-exist in perfect harmony, in a greener and cleaner world for generations to come.

Quick and effective

We are the first ones out in the field when an incident occurs. Our team of engineers is ready 24 hours a day to head out into the field at the shortest possible notice to precisely and effective remediate any pollution.

In control and rescuing

Our mission is the uncompromising and complete protection of the nature, environment, ecosystems and natural habitats. Not just flora and fauna, but also people and their standard of living.


Since its very beginning, AEKS has been uncompromisingly been on the side of the environment and the preservation of ecosystems. The basis of our brand is the desire that every person and nature achieve a nicer, more balanced and healthier co-existence. We are the first to be on the front lines when nature and our clients require urgent intervention, 

That is why each year, we invest in a selected public project or association involved in nature and environmental protection. Depending on the needs and possibilities, we gladly donate funds or work hours and machinery which can assist in cleaning up nature. We do this because we know that by protecting nature, we are also protecting people.