iconOil Flushing Services

AEKS provides High Velocity Oil Flushing services for lube oil piping. Whether it is new construction of lube oil, fuel oil piping and hydraulic tubing systems or flushing services for maintenance of equipment, we can do the work.


What is Oil Flushing?

Oil flushing, using lube oil at high flow rates to clean pipes and systems by use of pumps, filtration and centrifuge systems designed by our experts . This includes filtration to remove water, rust, scale, welding residues, sand, substantially reducing damages and wear of bearings, valves and equipment. 

New constructed systems requires high velocity oil flushing for removal of construction debris and contaminants that can damage high purity fluid handling systems. 

Contamination removal may require additional chemical process to prepare the system to meet our quality standards.

Industries served: Steel Mills, Power Plants, Recycling Plants, Utility Plants, Paper plants.