iconPassivation services

AEKS Ltd. has over 40 years of experience perfecting our passivation processes.  We provide that expertise, along with our state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained personnel, to your facility to perform pre-operational or maintenance cleaning and passivation on your systems and equipment.

AEKS's facility is well equipped to affordably handle your cleaning requirements for components, parts, and subsystems that may be serviced out-of-place.  We have state of art facility that can handle parts of all shapes and sizes, including dip tanks up to 6m. Additionally, we offer pick-up and delivery services as well as quality control compliant documentation at the end of each job  Our expert specialists work in carefully monitored environment to guarantee consistent quality and compliance to industry and client-specific requirements.


Trust the Experts in Passivation

With the ability to create an optimum passive layer on the surface of stainless steels, our passivation process delivers excellent results and unrivaled corrosion resistance. Our chrome to iron ratios achieved by passivation are much higher than the recommended minimums and meet or surpass the demands of numerous industries.


- Aerospace
- Oil&Gas
- BioPharmaceutical
- Medical Device
- HeathCare
- Water & Wastewater
- Chemical Manufacturing & Distribution
- Power Generation
- Food & Beverage