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Pressure Testing examines constructed tubing, piping, pressure vessels, tanks and other components using a pressurized fluid (e.g. water, air or inert gas). The primary purpose of the test is to meet project specifications without leaks, deformation, catastrophic failure, or rupture. It is especially essential for systems that operate under pressure, as these systems typically require official verification prior to operations.

AEKS can provide both on-site and in-house based hydrostatic and pneumatic testing of piping, equipment and components for a wide range of industries.


AIR BLOWING                                                       

This method allows to clean steam flow systems to turbine even without having steam. The air is obtained by sets of compressors. In this way the air is stored and compressed into the system till reaching the pressure determined by the engineering.

After determined pressure is achieved, air is released in the system through the provisional lines and the silencer. The flow generated in the system by air blowing results in the removal of scales from the piping internal surfaces.



Pre-operational cleaning method at the start up of steam turbines.  Blowings remove construction scales, welding slugs, sand, dust, oil and rust from steam systems before start-up. These impurities, if present in the system, could compromise the turbine integrity and adversely affect the regular functioning of the system.